The day begins


This is the DAY and the EVENING when all that the UPPER ELEMENTARY students

have LEARNED in the weeks preceding

comes to life for them - what was once just a STORY, on this day

now becomes real to them. The LOWER grade students are transfixed when they see

the older students in CLOTHING from another time, walking proudly-respectfully,

and speaking in a way they never before have witnessed. They are awestruck and want to








The BOYS attend a school with the STRICT SCHOOL MASTER,  and the girls attend a school of GENTEEL REFINEMENT ~







As the boys study Latin using the 18th century recitation method, Deportment, and Militia Training, and as the girls study Gracious Hostessing, Language of the Fan, and Fancy Work (sewing), what is really happening is that they are being immersed into a perilous day in the middle of the war.

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