A SELF-GOVERNING nation cannot endure without the responsible involvement of citizens who understand and preserve the CIVIC PRINCIPLES upon which the nation is built. We cannot expect citizens to love and protect what they do not know. Teaching these essential matters begins best through teaching students the founding of the nation - the extraordinary EVENTS, ISSUES, and world-changing CIVIC IDEAS and PRINCIPLES that gave birth to the United States.


 Because American students nationwide were not learning this HISTORY, GOVERNMENTAL PRINCIPLES, and CITIZENSHIP SKILLS in any way that they retained, identified with, and put to use,  Values Through History's founding directors developed Why America Is Free that does achieve this depth of learning with outstanding and lasting results.



VALUES THROUGH HISTORY (VTH) is a §501(c)3 organization that was founded in 1994.


Mission Statement


Values Through History's mission is to immerse upper elementary students in an exciting, multi-disciplinary learning experience set in the Revolutionary War and Founding periods that will instill knowledge of the nation's founding and the essential civic principles and behavior upon which its government and society depend as it unifies them as Americans, so they are equipped and inspired to go on together to become responsible citizens.



Founding Directors


DONNA PASSMORE and JAN SMULCER are the founding directors of Values Through History and the creators of the highly successful Why America Is Free (WAIF). Ten years of research, writing and testing and working with history scholars, major museums, libraries, and historical societies, the non-partisan course of study was designed to be affordable and accessible. Public, private, and charter schools across 15 states now teach the critically acclaimed enrichment course of study.


Background of the Founding Directors


DONNA PASSMORE ~ criminal and constitutional law, education, curriculum development, history, dramatics, research, script writing, negotiation and multimedia production.


JAN SMULCER ~ business management, historic preservation, restoration, curriculum development, research and writing, graphic design, and multi-media productions.



Advisory Board

Institutions and organizations that have assisted, contributed to,and/or favorably reviewed

Why America Is Free



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