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An important component of Reading/Language Arts is the JOURNAL that the children keep. They are both challenged by and enjoy the ANALYSIS and CREATIVITY that the journal draws from them. While it is certainly designed to hone writing skills, expand vocabulary and develop analytical thinking, the journal is even more important. Keeping this journal and engaging in discussions about the topics upon which they write are the main ways by which students apply what they are learning about life in Revolutionary America, about CHARACTER TRAITS they admire, and about PRINCIPLES they may use to guide their own behavior.

It is also a practice ground for PROBLEM SOLVING.

Journal Writing

Divided Loyalties

General Thomas Gage


The American Revolution was a civil war. It was not as simple as north against south, but rather the war divided people everywhere. In every community, among close friends, even within families, people of good character found themselves at odds over allegiance to the Patriot cause or Britain. Handling the resulting conflicting loyalties was a crucial challenge, often with life and death consequences.


From the Battle Road dramatic CD, students learn of one such example of a person trying to deal honorably with DIVIDED LOYALTIES. Evidence strongly indicated that it was Mrs. Gage, the otherwise loyally devoted and honorable wife of the British commander, who warned the Patriots that the British soldiers would attack Lexington and Concord. They also learn why she did so and the devastating cost to her for her actions.


In their journals they struggle with the best ways to handle divided loyalties in Revolutionary America and in their lives today.




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