Teachers use their usual textbook and materials, the Why America Is Free Curriculum lesson plans apply the skills and knowledge they are learning in this subject to discover things they want to know about that they are learning in Social Studies and other subjects.

Lesson Plan Examples

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Salem Poor


Lesson Plan ~ Discerning Slant

Among the lesson plans that develop higher-level thinking is one that introduces students to the skill of discerning slant in written or spoken articles, a skill that intrigues them. First they hear a brief article about Salem Poor and discuss their understanding of it and their conclusions about Mr. Poor. They then read a second version of the same article, one in which though the main facts are the same, brings them to very different perceptions of this Patriot. They analyze the subtleties that colored their conclusions. Extensions include analyzing other examples and creating articles with and without slant.

The Truth ~ Salem Poor's heroic actions at the Battle of Bunker Hill garnered him the highest praise from Colonel William Prescott and thirteen other officers at the General Court of Massachusetts.


The Subscribers beg leave to Report to your Honorable House (Which We do in justice to the Character of so Brave a man) that under Our Own observation, we declare A Negro Man Called Salem Poor of Col. Fryes Regiment, Capt. Ames. Company in the late Battle of Charleston, behaved like an Experienced Officer, as Well as an Excellent Soldier, to Set forth Particulars of his Conduct would be Tedious, We Would beg leave to say in the Person of this Negro Centers a Brave & gallant Soldier.



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