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Most children in upper elementary school care deeply about horses, and the fate of Revere's mount upsets them far more than the deaths of men who fought in the battle.




In Math...

Word problems are provided to which the students want to know the answers because they are relevant to what they are learning in other subjects. In Social Studies they have already heard the Battle Road CD, and that Paul Revere was riding Brown Beauty (a borrowed horse of exceptional strength and speed) that night as he spread the alarm. En route to Lexington  he and his mount had raced over rough and sometimes steep terrain, at times fleeing from soldiers through the countryside. Later that same night, other British soldiers stole the horse from Revere between Lexington and Concord.

Then they hear this:

The Word Problem Linked to this Event

A fit horse can gallop over rough terrain while carrying a heavy man for between 10 and 15 miles before needing rest. On the night of April 18th, Paul Revere rode Brown Beauty, one of the fastest and strongest horses in Massachusetts, in order to spread the alarm about the coming British attack of Lexington and Concord. His route was first Charlestown to Mystic, a distance of 4.5 miles. Then from Mystic to Lexington, they raced 9 more miles.

  1. How far did Brown Beauty travel on the way to Lexington?
  2. If Revere later rode nonstop from Boston to New York City to spread the news of Patriot victory, changing horses every 10 miles, and the distance was 210 miles, how many different horses would he ride?


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