Teachers use their usual textbook and materials. Why America Is Free lesson plans apply the skills and knowledge they are learning in this subject to discover things they want to know relating to what they are learning in Social Studies and other subjects.

Math fascinates students when they can use it to discover answers that they want...



How many cows to feed my men?


How many fresh horses must be ready to ride?


If smallpox will kill 2/3 of us, how many will recover?


How many minnie balls can my mother's pewter plates become?


How many gallons of water must I haul for 30 injured men?


How much must I charge for the moccasins I make in order to eat

    and buy supplies to make more?

In every subject math enhances discovery ...


If eight pairs of us dance together, how many sets of four can we make?


To search for mastodon bone shards, if we divide the ground into a grid of 6 vertically and 5 horizontally, how many sections will there be?


To make paint to match a Continental uniform, the ratio of blue to black pigment is 4:1. How many tablespoons of each color paint would you need to make 5 tablespoons of Continental blue?

Lesson plans in all subjects work together. Click on each subject to see how they relate to each other, expanding knowledge and heightening interest in the world-changing  period of the nation's founding.



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