Students and all involved adults are in character. Using

18th Century Deportment, language and manners

at all times ~ the Patriots Day students  promenade

through the hallways for the younger grades.





     This is the day and the evening when all that the upper elementary students have learned in the weeks preceding comes to life for them - what was once just a story, on this day now becomes real to them. The lower grade students are transfixed when they see the older students in clothing from another time, walking proudly-respectfully,and speaking in a way they never before have witnessed. They are awestruck and want to follow in their footsteps.



 The day begins  —


The BOYS  attend a school with the strict SCHOOL MASTER,  and the GIRLS attend a school of genteel REFINEMENT



The girls make shirts

for the soldiers

Offering tea proves a valuable resource for

gathering and sharing information

Broadsides are printed with the latest news





As the boys study LATIN using 18th century recitation method, DEPORTMENT, and MILITIA TRAINING, and as the girls study SOCIAL ETIQUETTE, DEPORTMENT, and NEEDLEWORK, what is really happening is that they are being immersed into a perilous day in the middle of the war.

In the afternoon, family and friends and the students

from the lower grades, attend a program performed by the

students participating in Patriots Day


The program provides an excellent opportunity for everyone attending

to experience the excitement of this day.

While every school is different, many schools read or reenact

Longfellow's The Landlord's Tale. Paul Revere's Ride,

 sing a selection of patriotic songs,

and perform a colonial dance.


The students are performing a colonial dance they have learned in Music.

To begin the dance, they first give each other their honors.

The boys bow to the girls, and then the honor is returned with a curtsy. Through

dance, the students learn to respect and see the value in each other.


Mothers, grandmothers and friends were given a room

at this public school. They brought their sewing machines, fabric was

donated, and they made costumes for ALL of the students. At the end of

the year, the costumes were stored to be used year after year

by the students participating in Patriots Day.


The school day ends, and the boys and girls return home in

great anticipation of what is about to follow

At night,

after candle-lighting time, as the students face

challenging decisions as Patriots in the midst of

the war, all that the students have been learning becomes real

to them.


They will soon discover the true PRICE of Freedom ...


The students arrive at a house, an inn, a historic site or school

by different modes of transportation ...

They expect a pleasant gathering and light refreshment ...

Instead they must face unexpected danger and make important plans. Then they learn a Continental Soldier is hiding in the house at great risk to all. Anxious for news about their soldier fathers, no one chooses to leave ...

Frightened but steadfast, they have a light repast as they wait their chance to meet the soldier ...

Their bravery is rewarded.


...We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

After Patriots Day, studies continue.

The American Revolution is won, the Treaty of Paris is signed,

and then begins the hands-on study of the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS.

The students are fully engaged. They understand the language of the documents,

the principles embodied in them, and the sacrifices made to protect them.

They truly want to understand the foundations of the nation they have inherited ~ they are invested!

To examine each subject, starting with   SOCIAL  STUDIES



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