Why America Is Free


  • Creates lasting beneficial effects on student intellectual excitement, attitudes, and behaviors. Instills principle-based decision skills and habits that utilize high-level, critical thinking and apply the world-changing ideas of the Enlightenment


  • Unifies students by instilling a deep understanding and appreciation of their shared national heritage


  • Develops in students lasting, in-depth knowledge, rather than fleeting rote memory, of the founding period and its world-changing significance


  • Awakens students to their ownership of the nation that they share equally with all Americans. They experience the strong bond this creates and become acutely aware of the importance of equal treatment for all


  • Builds the foundation of knowledge of the world of 18th century America and the founding documents so that as their study of American history progresses, they understand the evolution of the nation's struggle to achieve social equality for all citizens


  • Provides students with life skills as they apply Enlightenment reasoning techniques to 21st century problems


  • Teaches students how to analyze, understand, and appreciate the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights


  • Develops in students an understanding that with our rights as citizens come serious responsibilities


  • Inspires students to become good citizens


  • Improves students writing skills as they directly apply what they are learning to journal writing and to many other lesson plan activities


  • Develops lasting social and emotional skills, self-control, appropriate behavior, and respect for others' rights as classes use Enlightenment techniques to create significant classroom rules with which they govern themselves and deal with inappropriate behavior


  • Teaches students how to reason and question logically when making principle-based decisions.



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