Science includes multiple units from which the teachers can choose, confident that every unit will enhance the student's understanding of both SCIENCE and the FOUNDING OF OUR NATION.
 ~ Science Leads the Way and Creates a Nation ~ Botanizing with Bartram ~ Thomas Jefferson and Earth Sciences ~ Benjamin Banneker and Astronomy ~ Benjamin Franklin's Electric Fire, Scientific Method ~ Peale's Scientific Discovery that Had International Consequences Teachers use their usual textbook and materials. Why America Is Free lesson plans apply the skills and knowledge they are learning in this subject to discover things they want to know relating to what they are learning in Social Studies and other subjects.

To Begin Their Study In Science

In a room that can become totally dark, with the best sound system possible, using 11 flashlights and 11 black-with-white block lettering science signs, and a powerful audio, students will travel through time and experience ...


Science Leads the Way and Creates a Nation

A sampling of the experience...
This unit is one of the most important components of the curriculum because it sets the stage for the rest of the study. It is a powerful interactive multi-media production that captures what turned the world upside down, led to our American Revolution, and is the backbone of our government today. It allows students to time travel from the DARK AGES to the SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION and ENLIGHTENMENT, to incorporating science to create a nation. This dramatic experience brings home the fact that had it not been for the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, there would not have been an AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Note: When the word "Imagine" is spoken, the room goes totally dark, and the time travel begins.

The students will next learn how to apply 18th Century reasoning techniques scientifically developed by two  ENLIGHTENMENT giants - LOCKE and KANT - for examining moral behavior, and to examine and debate elements of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of law, where there is no law, there is no freedom.


                        John Locke

Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.


                         Immanuel Kant

LOCKE and KANT'S 18th century reasoning techniques will become a natural part of the student's ethical decision making, continuing not only throughout the year but also throughout their lives.  This is important because the United States is a self-governing nation and its survival depends on a self-governed citizenship.

Among the other units included in the curriculum ...


~ Science Leads the Way and Creates a Nation

~ Botanizing with Bartram

~ Thomas Jefferson & Earth Sciences

~ Benjamin Banneker & Astronomy

~ Benjamin Franklin's Electric Fire, Scientific Method


                                                                                       is PEALE'S MUSEUM ...


Students relive the American discovery that stunned the European Science Community and improved our new nation's standing internationally ...


And they recreate Charles Willson Peale's PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM that housed the gigantic find!

Reliving the extraordinary experience of CHARLES WILLSON PEALE, the students ...


Discover massive bones of an unknown animal and carefully record each one as they do.


Using paper-doll replicas of the bones that are a fraction of their actual size, they puzzle over how the bones should be assembled.


Applying comparative anatomy of the skeletal system, they accomplish their goal and then begin the final process of assembling the skeleton that  shocked the world and elevated the young nation internationally.

Just as Peale did, students plan and create their own NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM around the great skeleton. Combining their new knowledge of 18th century art, animal and plant classification, research and oratory ...


They paint 18th century self-portraits,


Build environmental habitats for their new plant or animal they have discovered,


Prepare what they will say about their discovery to guests of their museum, and


 Begin the final task of staging and marketing their exhibit that includes the gigantic find!


They each become enthusiastic and skilled docents of their replica of Charles Willson Peale's PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM, the first natural history museum in America. It is an experience they will never forget.


Pervading Themes

of the

Why America Is Free Curriculum


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Lesson plans in all subjects work together. Click on each subject to see how they relate to each other, expanding knowledge and heightening interest in the world-changing  period of the nation's founding.



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