The students listen to Battle Road CD, and as they do, their imagination

takes them into the events unfolding along ...




The story of Lexington & Concord...the "shot heard 'round the world!"

This short excerpt comes near the midpoint of the narration. Before this in the CD, the story establishes that the British commander tried for months to keep peace while imposing British actions, and rebellion grew. Finally, under direct orders, on the night of April 18, he dispatched a formidable British force to Lexington and Concord to capture Patriot leaders and arms. Paul Revere and the other Patriot riders spread the alarm far and wide, and militiamen began racing toward the two towns. Around midnight, after alerting Lexington and sending John Hancock and Samuel Adams to safety, Revere and other riders continued toward Concord. Well out of town, British sentries, unnerved by the church bells and gunshot signals that cracked through the darkness from every direction, captured Revere but left him and rode away on his horse. Meanwhile, through the nightlong march, the British column came to believe that hundreds would oppose them in Lexington. As the segment begins, it is near dawn, Revere has returned to rescue a trunk of critically important documents just as the first of the British troops near Lexington green.

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As the CD ends, the teacher holds up a musket ball and shows it to the students and says ...



You are looking at death... this musket ball did not have to pierce a major organ, just cut through

the skin deep enough, and the wound could become infected and lead to death. In the 18th century,

they did not know about antibiotics.

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