At its core, Why America Is Free is a profound and beneficial learning experience in




It begins after students have completed units of study of NATIVE AMERICANS in NORTH AMERICA, the




As the FRENCH and INDIAN WAR study is about to start...


Students discover a REVOLUTION OF IDEAS that changed the world and began our nation ... and that the story

of our nation and its ideals is a treasure, a heritage owned by every citizen.



They are intrigued and excited when they realize that they are about to learn so much about those times  − the PEOPLE, IDEAS,

and EVENTS from many different points of view − that in a few weeks they and all the grownups will live a day and a night role-playing

as people facing challenges in the midst of the war that won our independence and began our own country.



The Why America Is Free textbook makes the events real and personal through the periodic segments about a fictional boy who

grows from their age as the book begins during the French and Indian War to a father serving in the

Continental Congress by the end of the book ...



As the events unfold, with the help of the textbook, audio and video recordings, stories, Eighteenth Century teaching objects,

discussion, debate, and more active learning activities,


~ They each create their own Eighteenth Century persona and develop it in depth ...


~ They speak and write in the language of the time ...


~ They deport themselves and treat others with the manners aspired to of the time ...


~ They master and use the scientific methods of reasoning of the time to make decisions and solve problems ...


~ They study the actions of people of the time from all walks of life to discern character traits they admire and discover role models ...


~ They wrestle with the serious issues and societal inequalities in historical context ...



As they progress through the war to victory and the challenges of creating a whole new type of government, they

discover the world-changing civic ideals that inspired the creation and form of our government, and put them to use.



Ultimately they personally identify as owners of this history, this nation, and the civic ideals toward which it strives.


SOCIAL STUDIES is the only subject in which Why America Is Free provides a textbook. In each other subject, teachers use the normal textbooks and teaching materials, and Why America Is Free provides lesson plans that link what they are learning in that subject to Social Studies and to other subjects.

Lesson plans in all subjects work together. Click on each subject to see how they relate to each other, expanding knowledge and heightening interest in the world-changing  period of the nation's founding.



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