Social Studies
Language Arts
Patriots Day

When what was once a story comes to life!

Patriots Day is the culminating event of the student experience. All they have learned in the preceding weeks becomes real to them as they live a day and a night in the middle of the American Revolution. Younger students are thrilled and awed by the 4th or 5th graders in 18th century dress and deportment; they cannot wait for the day they will be able to do the same.

Sharing the experience with younger students and the community

As the boys study Latin using 18th century recitation method, deportment, and militia training, and the girls study social etiquette, deportment, and needlework, they are immersed in a day in the middle of the war. Younger students share the excitement, hoping that they will have this experience when they are in 5th grade,

In the afternoon, the students give a program of songs, dance, and poetry for the community. All students and adults are in costume, often made by parents from donated fabric and reused over the years.

Discovering the true price of freedom

At night, after candle-lighting time, all that the students have been learning becomes real to them as they face challenging decisions as Patriots. They expect a pleasant gathering and refreshments. Instead, they must face unexpected danger and make important plans.

After Patriots Day

The American Revolution is won, the Treaty of Paris is signed, and then begins the hands-on study of the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS.

The students understand the language of the documents, the principles embodied in them, and the sacrifices made to protect them.

They truly want to understand the foundations of the nation they have inherited.  They are invested.